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Serial ATA is the answer for more speed? Need a faster backup or data transfer? YOU NEED Serial ATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment): SATA Overcomes the limitations of its predecessor the Parallel ATA interface and reduces bottlenecks for a faster data transfer of 1.5 Gbps and higher.

Serial ata Mini Dual Bay raid enclosure
Serial ATA Dual Bay Mini Raid Enclosures from $299.98

SATA is an interface that is used to connect hard drives and other peripherals to a PC. It is the next-generation replacement for the Parallel ATA (PATA) physical storage interface and will be used to connect storage devices such as hard disc drives, DVD's and CD-RW's to the motherboard.

The Serial ATA interface is faster. Serial ATA delivers data transfer rates beginning with 1.5 Gbps, and scalable to 2x, 4x and beyond. Read more about SATA technology and what its advantages are over current Parallel ATA interfaces.

SATA cable SATA converter SATA removable tray
Various lengths and pin count Serial ATA cables.

SATA Signal Cables from $19.98
Serial ATA Converters converting ATA drives to a SATA interface.

Serial Converters From $29.98
Removable trays with and without LED displays, all with Serial ATA interfaces.
Removable Trays From $49.89

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