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SATA hard drive connections from Serial ATA enabled PC to Serial ATA enabled drives. Extend your drive speed and performance.

SATA hard drive signal cable
SATA Signal Cable

SATA Signal Cables from $19.98
SATA hard drive signal cables are used to expand a SATA signal from one internal port of a drive bay for external accessibility to another drive tray. The SATA signal cable is available in various styles and lengths to suite the needs of the user.

SATA hard drive Signal Cable for SCSI Mount Centronics Opening

As seen to the right, the Serial ATA signal cable connects to an available SATA port on the back of any SATA enabled drive bay. Sata port with keyThe cable is notched specifically for proper connection and can only be connected by lining the key notch up properly with the SATA port on the drive bay, forcing the connecter in without proper alignment will result in damage to the SATA signal cable connector and the SATA drive port.
Sata quadbay drive enclosure with sata signal cable
SATA Signal cable connection to a Quad Bay drive enclosure.

SATA hard drive Signal Cables also available to supply power to the hard drive.
Serial ATA Signal Cable

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